Our Company

    Established in 1993,  R.G. Steel Corp. specializes in the fabrication of Highway Guiderail.  We have the capability to roll form any gauge thickness of both W-Beam and Thrie-Beam, along with fabricating a variety of supplemental components such as guiderail posts, welded base plated posts, bridge railing, fence posts, breakaway sign supports, and structural steel for bridges.  The shop offers a full line of fabricating services supported by a network of material handling equipment.

    As an AISC Certified Fabricator and AWS Certified Welding Fabricator, we guarantee the highest level of quality driven by a strong quality management system.  Our products meet FHWA, AASHTO, and DOT requirements.  All welders are qualified to AWS D1.5 and D1.1 welding codes and welding is overseen by in-house AWS Certified Welding Inspectors.   R.G. Steel Corp. is also a distributor of several types of energy absorbing guiderail end terminals meeting NCHRP 350 and MASH crash test standards.  On-site galvanizing reduces lead time and enables us to meet our customers' individual needs in the most efficient manner.

    These capabilities enable R.G. Steel Corp. to handle all of our customers' guiderail, structural, and component requirements.  Over the  years we have maximized these capabilities to develop a strong reputation for excellent quality, service and competitive pricing.  And as we continue to grow so does our commitment to our customers to provide them with superior products and excellent service.

    If you need W-Beam, Thrie Beam, 10 gauge, Posts, Blocks, 3" I Posts, Base Plated Posts, End Terminals, Transitions, Plates, Curved Guiderail, Hardware or just about any other roadside safety product we can service your needs.  Please feel free to contact R.G. Steel Corp. any time or fax us your address and we will be glad to send you one of our brochures.